Website Builder Comparison: Novi Builder v.s Major 03 Competitors

2017-11-28 10:55:15

As the web mounting massive, the customers are becoming pickier for sure. Soon, after the emergence of first visual page builders in the market & the community particularly; the demand started peaking off with more & more dons & new geeks jumping -in for their business with novel drag & drop solutions. Today, these drag-and-drop builders can be effortlessly bought independently or incorporated into the ready-made themes. Whether you love that advance CMS dashboard or traditional E-com platform to work with, you will always feel that there is certainly a builder that will bout your search criteria.

Website Builder Comparison

In today’s article, we are going to draw a contrast between Novi Builder; a fully-functional drag-and-drop HTML builder intended towards users of different skill-sets & God Almighty’s gifted levels for all-around purposes. Stand alone are three major competitors to this website builder used in the creation of responsive HTML sites, to name as:

1. HTML Builder. Being sold independently, this builder is largely incorporated while creating landing pages for the websites. You will also discover them within inside of other builders; used as the white-label product. Template Monster Vouchers will get you one at most affordable, exclusive discount-offs.

2. Architect Builder : Can be shopped as an exclusive product with a Template Monster voucher code. Presently, there are no custom-made website templates with this builder being readily available. Architect Builder is used as groundwork for Saas Dorkoy.

3. Variant Builder: Unlike the two above, isn’t sold alone. Being the creative master- piece of MediumRare; this builder is interestingly found within their website templates exclusively. Currently, this stands out of the cloud being the greatest competitors to Novi Builder in regards to the functionality aspect that it offers for end-users, webmasters, and businesses.

Comparison Chart of Top 4 HTML Builders

So, what makes Novi Builder so special & power-fullest over its competitors? Though ,Novi-Builder & its three major rival builders support multi-page HTML templates and landing pages, with all of them fledging with tools & features extremely useful for the end-users, digi- business personnel & God Almighty’s genius brains-the web developers.. However, only Novi Builder is the only most practical for existing HTML sites. Is there anything else left to signify its business essence? Let's take a look at the chart below, showing a comparison of the 04 in terms of functionality as 

‘Which one is the best Drag-and-Drop Website Builder?’

Which One Is The Best Drag-And-Drop Website Builder? Novi Builder HTML Builder Variant Builder Arhitect Builder

Edit text YES YES YES YES Add/Remove blocks (sections) YES YES YES - Add/Remove elements (widgets) YES - - YES Stylized text (bold, italics, color, etc.) YES YES YES YES Multiple pages creation YES YES YES YES Tools for designers YES - - YES Fonts set management YES - - YES Change site icon YES - - - Copy/paste elements from 1 page to another YES - - - Project backup YES - YES - Responsive design YES YES YES YES Save project in the web browser cache YES YES YES Save project and edit from any device YES - - - Autosave YES - - YES Publish site on server YES - - - Download source code .zip YES YES YES YES Import/Export YES - YES - SEO YES - YES YES Extra pages development YES - - - Page preview YES - - - Dividing blocks by categories YES YES YES - Search blocks by name/category/contents YES YES YES YES Search pages by title YES - - - Grid setup YES - YES -

HTML Builders for Businesses

Novi Builder HTML Builder Variant Builder Arhitect Builder Sells as a standalone product YES YES - YES Any HTML site import YES - - - Tools to create extra pages featuring basic content YES - - - Tools for the creation of the block YES - - - User scenario tools YES - - - Plugin development API YES - - -

HTML Builders for Developers

Novi Builder HTML Builder Variant Builder Arhitect Builder JS code editor YES - - YES CSS code editor YES - - YES HTML code editor YES - - YES HTML sections editor YES YES - - Highlighting elements in the source code YES - - -

Wrapping up...

The main idea featured behind this drag-drop philosophy of HTML builders is to make it simple to use and hassle-free; highlighting changes to layouts of their accessible or already launched websites without any need to twist the source code. The above comparison chart clearly accredits Novi Builder with distinction among the competing 4 & discussing similarities of features among them. Pick up your best builder with Template Monster- biggest anthology of website templates online to go with beautiful designers working for your personal or business projects. 

Shop with Template Monster Discounts, Voucher Codes to avail the best deals in town on HTML builders and off course, don’t forget to let us know about your favorite drag-and-drop HTML builders from the top four.

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