Can I Borrow Your Car…insurance?

2017-11-07 04:34:30

Which superstar would you least belief to drive your car, for fear they'd crash it?

Selection - Based mostly on 11,419 Responses:
Paris Hilton forty five%
Tommy Lee 13%
Courtney Love 28%
Nick Nolte 14%

This survey end result raises an important query. No, not: “What have been the fifty five per cent that didn’t choose Paris Hilton thinking?!” but…

Do you know that whenever you lend your automobile, you additionally lend your insurance?

When a good friend desires the keys to your car, how often do you hear the question, “Can I borrow your car insurance?” Not usually. However that’s precisely the question that must be asked! Did you know that if your pal is involved in an at-fault accident , it’s your insurance rate that goes up? And that’s not the worst information. It takes nearly six years to your insurance fee to shake off the results of an accident!

Accidents happen: So what must you do if one occurs to you?

It is vital to periodically test your fee. As the accident fades from reminiscence, your price should also lower. When it’s time to renew, you need to buy round. I in contrast the rates of 30 insurance corporations on using a driver with one accident on their driving record. Have a look:

Driving File Low High Distinction
1 Accident $2,793 $6,903 $four,110

As you possibly can see, the quotes range significantly – with a price difference of more than $4,a hundred.

Irrespective of who was behind the wheel – you should be on the insurance coverage A-Record! Don’t have a head on collision with your pocket e-book in the case of your insurance rate.

It doesn't matter what your driving report, to take a look at charges go to a site akin to InsuranceHotline, enter your driving information, and receive a free, instantaneous quote with the bottom rates from the highest 30 Canadian insurance coverage firms.

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